Welcome to Diane Kae's personal website.

I created this site as a way to share photos, stuff that is going on in my life and things that amuse me in general.

A snapshot of who I am... born in New York City, grew up in northern NJ, lived in southern NJ for all my adult life. I live the cliche, “work hard, play hard”. I am fortunate to have great friends, go great places, and do great things. I am very active in in the South Jersey Ski Club, where many of my long friendships have been based.

A photography hobbyist, I am constantly filling my flash cards. I invite you to browse the albums I have posted on the site.

Why the sub-head “when I am queen of the forest”? It’s one of my most often used lead in lines, and the beauty of the web is that it provides a huge virtual soapbox where I can express how I think things should be, when I am queen of the forest. Click in to my observations on life along with other snippets and stories.

The “big nothing” tracks my experience with cervical cancer, which has been a testament to the power of positivity and the value of true friends.

So.. Relax... Sit back.... and click